350+ people have joined Dr. Bert’s AC / Fast-5 Diet Group in the past month and we’re happy you’ve joined our community. To all of the AC/Fast-5 community members who continue to invest time and energy helping newbies navigate their way to success, thank you for all you do!

The AC/Fast-5 community enjoys a unique culture. People show up looking for intermittent fasting (IF) information and stick around when they discover a rare gathering of thousands of supportive, non-“hangry” people. When we hear about hangry people hanging out in other IF groups, it reminds us that adopting an IF regimen that doesn’t lead to appetite correction is very likely to fail.

Benefit from Ten Years of Success

Dr. Bert and his team have been introducing people to intermittent fasting and the study of one and how to navigate the way to appetite correction and sustained weight loss success for over ten years. We’ve learned a ton about why and how some people succeed effortlessly and why and how others struggle. We’ve applied that information in creating resources for people to start on the road to success right away without the exhausting exercise of researching the countless theoretical solutions that might or might not work for their body, living in their environment and facing their specific challenges.

Resources to Streamline Your Success: Give Yourself the Gift of Success Today

AC: The Power of Appetite CorrectionRead AC: The Power of Appetite Correction from cover to cover.

Appetite Correction (AC) is a revolutionary new focus in weight loss based on ten years of user experience with Dr. Bert’s ground-breaking 2005 guide to daily intermittent fasting, The Fast-5 Diet and the Fast-5 Lifestyle.

Build your AC habit with Dr. Bert’s 31-Day AC Toolbook: Spirit or Flow editions.

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