If you’re new to this site and aren’t familiar with Fast-5 or appetite correction (AC), welcome!  There’s information here and there’s probably a wonderful surprise that you didn’t expect to find. More about that in a moment—for now, just know that if you’re one of the many people who have been struggling for years to shed excess fat, you’re in the right place.

Perhaps you’ve run the gamut of ways to lose your excess fat: Eat less. Exercise more. Eat all the right foods. Take this “miracle” food, that powerful-fat-burning supplement or some other kind of pill or shake of the moment. Maybe the run has left you tired and your efforts haven’t paid off with any long-term results. Don’t let it get you down—you’re not alone.

Thousands Are Fighting the Same Fight.

All across the globe, people are fighting hard. They’re taking steps guided by the best information they can find from trustworthy sources funded by billion-dollar budgets: the National Institutes of Health. Mayo Clinic. The Centers for Disease Control. The Public Health Service. The problem is, as problems with obesity and overweight have mushroomed to include the majority of the population and an increasing number of kids, these fine institutions are singing the same old song: Eat less. Exercise more. Let’s move. Stand & Move at Work. Play 60. The tune sounds flatly familiar for most people. Even a recent US Surgeon General, the leader of the Public Health Service, has struggled to lose weight without long-term success.

Reliable Solution + Rebellious Mindset = Freedom

Ten years ago, doctors floundered in the reality that the traditional dogma about how to lose weight failed to deliver results. Many doctors felt impotent as the tide of fat surged ever higher, carrying lethal afflictions such as diabetes and hypertension with it. That feeling of impotence has continued to escalate among doctors as the numbers of overweight and obese people continues to climb.

I didn’t feel impotent then and I still don’t. On the contrary, twenty years ago I discovered a weight loss solution that worked for me. Ten years later, as the obesity crisis worsened and with no reasonable solutions in sight, a bit of research suggested my solution could work for others. I wrote a book about the weight loss method. The solution was so simple that the first draft wasn’t long enough to be considered a real book by the Library of Congress. I added a few pages and  published The Fast-5 Diet and the Fast-5 Lifestyle in 2005. Since then, the information in the book has changed the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world and many people reported feeling something they had never felt before: freedom from food.

In their pursuit of freedom from food’s control, early adopters of the Fast-5 lifestyle had to be a little bit rebellious. Pushing ahead and avoiding criticism often meant staying in stealth mode. Even those who kept a low profile frequently suffered through naysayer judgments and unsolicited advice. Undeterred, the stalwart rebels deflected the flak and marched on until they reached a turning point in their personal rebellion—they felt free. They felt confident about success. They realized “I’ve got this!

They felt a new day dawning; a chrysalis cracking; chains breaking. The rebels experienced appetite correction and broke free from a life ruled by food. They declared their independence and celebrated their newfound freedom, power and control.

Rebel and Claim Your Independence!

Right here, right now, you’re just days ahead of  your independence day as you harness the strength of your inner rebel, and unlike the rebels of 10 years ago, you are not alone. In the AC/Fast-5 Facebook group,  you’ll find more than 5,000 veteran rebels ready to stand with you and share their courage and experience. Search the #AppetiteCorrection or #Fast5Diet hashtags on Instagram and you’ll find even more mavericks sharing before and after pics, non-scale victories and daily updates.

Everything you need—and important insights I’ve discovered in the ten years since the Fast-5 book came out—is wrapped up in my newest book, AC: The Power of Appetite Correction.

Power on, and have a happy independence day!