It’s Earth Day, and guess who needs our help? Yup. Mother Earth. What are some practical things a person can do to help? Take a look at your garbage can. What’s making up most of the trash? If you’re like most people, it’s a combination of junk mail and food packaging.

What can you do to reduce food packaging? Ya gotta eat, right? Yes, but you don’t have to eat all the time. Fast-5 is a daily intermittent fasting schedule—19 hours fasting with a 5-hour window for eating according to appetite. Fast-5 helps people lose weight through appetite correction (AC). Over the ten years since Fast-5 was published, people have often noticed that on the Fast-5 schedule, they produce less trash. Why?

They produce less trash because they’re cutting out at least one-third of their meals, and in many cases, they cut two-thirds of them. With fewer meals, there’s less trash. Mother Earth would give this a “like.” Less trash means less demand for all that packaging stuff, which means less factory work and natural resources spent making it. Less factory work means less energy demand, and that means less carbon dioxide production from fossil fuels. Mother Earth likes that too! So the Fast-5 diet is great for weight loss but as a side effect, it helps you reduce waste. So you get less waist and less waste!

Okay, good for Mother Earth. What’s in it for you?

While you’re helping Mother Earth with a Fast-5/AC schedule, you get a few bennies, too! In a recent survey of 250 people practicing a Fast-5/AC schedule, respondents indicated that the time they saved from not planning, shopping, preparing, eating, and cleaning up after all those meals saved an average of 9.3 hours per week! That’s 20 days more free time every year! How does that stack up against your paid vacation time?

But wait—there’s more! It turns out that when you scratch Mother Earth’s back, she’ll scratch yours.

In addition to saving all that time, having fewer meals also means you spend less money on them. Fewer restaurant meals and fewer groceries adds up to some serious scratch pretty fast. Our survey respondents reported an average weekly savings of 49 dollars per week. Do the math, and do it again if you have to. That’s over $2500 per year!

Most people start Fast-5/AC to lose weight, but some do it just for the way it feels and for the health benefits. Some adopt Fast-5 because the anti-inflammatory effect can reduce symptoms from inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Those are all great reasons. Now you know it’s not just good for your body, it’s good for Mother Earth, your wallet and your free time too! Not bad for something that’s free and sustainable!

Fast-5/AC will help a lot with the food packaging. For the rest of your trash, you can cut unwanted catalogs and junk mail by visiting these two URLs:

Junk Mail:

Unsubcribe from catalogs and other junk mail:

Happy Earth Day!