A Wonderful First With a Technical Learning Curve

Real life reared its head yesterday as real life tends to do! The first Appetite Correction in the Real World event was a wonderful exercise for the appetite correction lifestyle community and, as real life sometimes delivers, there were some technical issues that showed us how we can make improvements at the next event. In the interim, we’re going to take some steps to overcome the challenges — sort of analogous to some of the challenges we must overcome in our respective weight loss journeys, eh?!— that stood in the way of people hearing parts of the broadcast.

Tune in for the parts that you missed!

Dr. Bert and I will begin a series of Appetite Correction in the Real World recaps via Livestream on Facebook beginning this Wednesday. Dr. Bert will cover some of the territory for which the sound dropped out during the event and will take additional questions.

Thanks for your interest and your patience!

In the interim, we thank you for your interest in watching the event. Soon the video will be edited to delete the parts without sound to make a more pleasant viewing experience. We really appreciate you coming along for the ride as we’re working to make more resources available for the many people who struggle with excess weight and have yet to discover the freedom, power and control that the appetite correction lifestyle offers.

We look forward to seeing you at the Appetite Correction in the Real World Recap Series via Livestream on Facebook this Wednesday. As soon as they’re available, details will be posted on Dr. Bert’s Facebook page. Be sure to like the page and sign up for email notifications to receive advanced notice of these events.

A Quick Look Behind the Scenes

The dust is settling as to what caused the sound problem during the live event, but it’s my hunch that user inexperience crept in. Dr. Bert and I haven’t done a livestream event before and, we’re happy to say that our expertise took a big step forward through yesterday’s process. We’re grateful for the work the technical team did to compensate, so kudos go out to those who restored the sound as quickly as possible. Next time, I’m guessing we’ll have it down—fingers crossed!!

Appetite Correction in the Real World events on the horizon!

We have some exciting plans to host additional Appetite Correction in the Real World events soon, so to be sure you don’t miss it, like Dr. Bert’s Facebook page and register to receive an email notification. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!!