Appetite Correction : Get Control. Lose Weight. Gain Health.

AC: The Power of Appetite Correction includes ACES, an enhanced version of Fast-5, plus 16 advanced appetite correction tools that work for real people dealing with real life.

Appetite Correction means:

  • No constant, draining demand for willpower
  • No calorie counting required
  • Exercise is not required
  • No food is off limits

Whether food intake is measured through calorie counting, points, or portions, most diets work only briefly to reduce intake. Dr. Bert’s philosophy demands that a diet be comfortable, sustainable and effective for real people with real lives, and he recognizes that a healthy diet and a healthy weight are only the start of a healthy social, playful and active life.

The customizable tools in AC: The Power of Appetite Correction can help you find a personal, balanced lifestyle that works with your body to achieve long-term success while you have fun, enjoy rich social times and have plenty of energy for your favorite activities.

Find your dietary freedom, power and success in AC: The Power of Appetite Correction.